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Adventure Team Set of 3

Adventure Team Set of 3


3 busts that you can choose from the 5 available from Adventure Team. Please write which busts you chose at order message or email. You save 18 euros.

All of them are cast in high-quality resin as one piece.

The average total height is 110mm.

96 EUR

Tosker The Big Fist

Tosker The Big Fist.


He doesn't know where he was born, his first memories was a fight training at some pit. Then he was a member of some mercenaries where they start to call him Big Fist. Why? Well because his orc fists are bigger than his head and no matter who you are, you don't want to meet with them.


1 piece, solid resin 105mm bust.

38 EUR

Uramdir The Coin Keeper.

Uramdir The Coin Keeper.


He came from a small dwarf village but he always dreamed about the big world. He was helping his uncle to run a little store where he learned a lot about money. He knows how to manage and how to earn them.


1 piece, solid resin 96mm bust.

38 EUR

Liradriel Venul

Liradriel Venul.

She is a high elf from a very noble house of Venul. She is a very powerful sorcerer, well it would take to long to say what is she good at but we can easily say that she is very experienced and wise.


1 piece, solid resin 110mm bust.

38 EUR

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